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I trust Paul to maintain my business computer. He set me up with an automated backup system that he recommended. One time I had a hard drive fail, Paul was able to replace it and restore all the data. Because Paul had setup a second backup hard drive and nightly backup schedule, nothing was lost. I am glad I had Paul install the backup system or all my business account files would have been gone!

Orlando Business
I use multiple computers from Tampa FL to New York for investment and financial services. I am therefore extremely particular as to who it is that is working on my computers. Having known Paul Hagopian for over a 10 years in other capacities, I felt very fortunate when he became my tech guy and started doing my service work because he is totally honest and trustworthy. I count on Paul to enter my computer from his remote location using Any Desk with absolute confidence, even sometimes when I am on the road. It’s a great resource for me and he provides wonderful service. I even mail him a laptop once in awhile and receive a total upgrade of all of my programs. I can highly recommend Paul Hagopian for your computer needs.

NY Business
Christine and John
Green Natural Products
“As small business owners working from our home and leveraging the Internet, PC performance is of the utmost in criticality! Having Paul and the available for repairs at a very competitive price, and sometimes the option for Any Desk service, makes it highly desirable to do business with them! They keep us going so our Green natural products business keeps humming! They are very knowledgeable and have a great rapport with clients because they can describe in “lay terms” what needs to be done. They’ll help with every step along the way, depending on what you need. We highly recommend On The Spot Solutions Techs for any PC repair issues you may have!”

Chris & John
Green Natural Products
On the Spot Solutions is a very professional company. They have a quick response time and can handle most problems remotely. We highly recommend them for your computer needs.
Roof Ranger, Inc

Sheila P.
He worked for over an hour each visit, but it ends up that I need a new modem. Incredibly nice guy, honest beyond belief, knows his stuff and amazing customer service. He will now be our computer guy for everything!

Jill S.
Paul came to my home to install a wifi router. He worked for over an hour each visit, but it ends up that I need a new modem. Incredibly nice guy, honest beyond belief, knows his stuff and amazing customer service. He will now be our computer guy for everything!
I'm pretty savvy on the computer but my MacBook Air has been having some issues lately, just not working the way it should be and I reached out to On The Spot Solutions (I love their name, by the way!)
Paul was very friendly on the phone and we made an appointment for today. He took great care of my computer, knows what he's doing, nice guy to talk to, and pricing is reasonable. What more can you ask for?
Definitely recommend On The Spot Solutions, if you're having Mac issues, give them a call!

Tara S.
I love Paul! He does great work. He is upfront and honest. He charges a fair price. You don't want the lowest bidder working on your PC anyway. He is the only one I allow to touch my PC!

Paul raised my lap top from the dead! Of course I didn't back up regularly but he was still able to recover an astounding amount of my stuff. He upgraded my hard drive to a solid state and doubled the RAM. I thought this puppy was toast and now it runs faster then it ever has. I am so grateful. Paul got the work done very quickly at an incredibly fair price and is just a genuinely nice guy! I am so relieved to have found him.

Christina S.
Reasonably priced and professional. Came to them with a cracked screen and I was outside of warranty and they made it good as new. Thanks Paul!

Jordan P
Absolutely as good as it gets! I have never met a IT specialist as brilliant (and human) as Paul. Not only did he take an after-hours call at 7:30 pm, he squeezed me into his already packed schedule the next day to help me fix some major problems I was having. He knows PCs like nobody's business. I've never had this kind of customer service. His prices are incredibly reasonable. He helped me meet the tight deadlines I had with my voice over business by getting me up-and running within 30 minutes. Paul, not only did you saved my business. I live in Seattle but work in LA. Paul, wherever I am, you have my business FOREVER.

Business Executive
Paul is, without question, THE BEST!
Thoroughly completely knows what he's talking about, no B.S., no up selling (in fact just the opposite, He's the master of resurrection, bar none).
He's fast, efficient, always upbeat, knows exactly how to get the job done, as well as fair and honest. Kudos to Paul.
I wish there were more of this kind of solid knowledge, TRUE customer service, and integrity.

Ron S.
Paul is amazing!!! The help and patience I have received...from choosing the right model... to adding all the necessary applications to simplify personal and professional needs... Is priceless!!! (But at the same time, extremely affordable!) I could not be happier today to be moving forward with my new PC!!! I am so appreciative for the time, services and attention to detail I have received! I would recommend On The Spot Solutions and Paul's expertise to anyone and everyone!!!

Laura C.
I highly recommend On The Spot Solutions. Paul helped remove some nasty viruses off my MacBook Pro and now it's running great. He was extremely friendly and thorough. Thanks again, I'm a happy customer.

After 2 years of taking my computers (laptop, Desktop) to "professional computer technicians", everything kept getting more disorganized and impaired me from doing the basics such as checking emails or download PDF files. Long story short, everyone claimed they would help me out but never did. Then I FOUND Paul!!!! Once I called Paul he was so accommodating after I explained my computer issues and only gave him less than a week to fix my issues. With Christmas around the corner and the little time I gave him to fix everything.... He made my computer priority and GOT IT DONE!!!! Paul saw how disorganized my computer was left for me to barely function on and completely understood how frustrated I was because he noticed that everyone prior didn't fix the problem, they made it worse! Paul did a stellar job organizing my photos and music I had scattered all over the place, made sure my external hard drive had all my music, photos and documents stored and even backed up the back up on my Dropbox. My experience with him and his quality work inspired me to hire him as my lifelong tech guru. I trust his work and his skills and truly am so grateful to have found true help 🙂

Life Guru
Contacted Paul after reading the awesome reviews on his site. He diagnosed my problems via any desk, I ordered the parts, and came in 2 days later with any desk to install drivers for the part. A piece of cake. It was a pleasure doing business with Paul. Knowledgeable, professional, explained everything beforehand. I will use Paul again in the future.

Tamara F.
Had a really good experience all around from technician Paul. We contacted them through their Telephone service Paul then received an email response within the hour. An appointment for general service was made for just a day later and they showed up right on time with Any desk. Paul was quick to diagnose our issues. Quite simply, he really couldn't repair our issues with our HP Laptop ... so he didn't. Some repairmen might take advantage of that situation. I'd hope more and more of them are honest about their trade, but some still aren't. Paul is honest and fair. We knew their service call pricing up front and the bill didn't deviate from that. Paul also discussed quite a bit about the type of (new) Asus Laptop to get in order to get the most for our money and limit any future repair needs or by buying cheap HP Laptops. You can't always get that kind of information from researching online, etc. All in all, we'd certainly use On the Spot Solutions again Thank you Paul.

Gordon P
Automotive Repair
Our computer started getting the dreaded blue screen and my husband and I thought we would need to buy a new one but we really didn't want to spend that kind of money. So I took it to That Computer Store Best Buy They charged us $500. They were very nice and friendly. After taking to the Geek people for 5th time we heard of Paul. So I called Paul the next day with the diagnosis and the cost to fix. Paul explained to us what was going on and went with us to Best Buy to get our money back. What makes Paul awesome he was able to get all of our money back and an apology from Best Buy? He is amazing computer guy he is so reasonable and so worth the $100 I paid! Had us buy an Asus computer and had it working with all of our stuff in a day and a half! I would recommend Paul to anyone needing repair and please stay away from Best Buy Geek Squad!

Danielle M
Great customer service. Very knowledgeable about the services he provide. If you need any work done to your computer/laptop call Paul he is the Best ! Please stay away from Best Buy Geek Squad.

Amy F.
Ghost writer
I brought my son's laptop in for repair at Staples in Largo Mall "oops!" of his that would have set me back on the repair bill nearly more than the computer cost from most other computer shops. Paul at On the Spot Solutions had it fixed & good as new very quickly, and at price that worked for me. Paul was very friendly and professional and I felt I definitely received a great value. No surprises or hidden fees. Work done quickly and the repair was exactly as promised. I would recommend Paul without reservation!

Mandy G.
Paul the owner of On the Spot Solutions reached out to me. I appreciated his help and courtesy. He is fair and concerned about providing good customer service for my Business.

Nadine F.